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We the Cypherpunks are dedicated to building anonymous systems. We are defending our privacy with cryptography, with anonymous mail forwarding systems, with digital signatures, and with electronic money.

A Cypherpunk's Manifesto, by Eric Hughes, 1993

What is Bitcoin Museum?

The world we live in today is traversed by the Internet.
Technology is revolutionizing humanity in many aspects except monetary, this has remained substantially identical to the pre digitalization era.
Bitcoin technology was born over the Internet protocol as a peer-to-peer currency for the establishment of a decentralized system of a new form of currency and value. With bitcoin the Internet of money is born; in this young and disruptive context our project finds reason to exist: the goal is the archiving and archaeological investigation of our time, based on the signs that history is communicating to us today.
Bitcoin Museum is a non-profit curatorial exhibition project founded by the artist Matteo Peterlini for the collection, conservation and display of objects related to bitcoin and its history.

“The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel”

Neuromancer, William Gibson, 1984
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Bitcoin Museum: Why?

The Problem


There is no place in Bitcoin memory



There is no archive objects of its history



There is no exposure

on Bitcoin

I hope it's obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we're trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system.

Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, February 15, 2009

We have now passed the tenth anniversary of the birth of bitcoin. The technological invention of Satoshi Nakamoto has become the first cryptocurrency of reference, despite his young age, we understand that his existence seems to have assumed in the current social, economic and technological context that indispensable and sufficient resilience to give life to the design and construction of a museum.

To date there is no museum dedicated to bitcoin and we believe the time has come to undertake all those collection, storage and cataloguing activities that will allow the public, both expert and general, to appreciate its technology and its history.

The importance of the exhibition moment will become an opportunity to bring together cultural, economic, social and political forces to spread the crypto currency.

The Bitcoin Museum is itinerant

The exhibition / museum has the characteristic of being itinerant. There is no Bitcoin Museum with a permanent location but the collection will be able to move in a nomadic way taking on the boundless spirit of bitcoin. In this way it can be lent to foundations, fairs, conferences and become an element of attraction in the various events that will be presented worldwide.

Inside the Museum

The topics covered in the exhibition are: the nature and quality of money, the history of information technology and telecommunications, cryptography and privacy systems, the movements and cultures that gave birth to Bitcoin (cyberpunk and cypherpunk) and game theory. The idea is to talk about human history, science, economics, society and technology through the world of Bitcoin.



The primary layer of the museum is the collection and conservation of objects and artefacts. The materials are initially presented in a form of Wunderkammer or Chamber of wonders. The objects preserved by the Museum are of a tangible matrix and compose a memorabilia collection in the form of memories, tangible materials, publications etc. belonged to the history of Bitcoin.

The future idea is that we can expand the concept of the Museum and make it more extensive by setting up a place not only dedicated to objects but mainly aimed at experience and teaching. Above the collection, two new layers will be designed and constructed which will intertwine, thus creating a complete experience on the history and nature of this technology.

The second level will be dedicated to the ontology of bitcoin as historical, social and culture aspect with illustrative path through graphics and videos.


The Ontological

The Experiential

The experiential layer is a composed by interactive games and multimedia stations. This part of exhibition will have also the characteristic of being a laboratory on bitcoin. To outfit this group will be emotional by including some in the exhibition works of modern and contemporary art.  


How Should a 
BITCOIN Museum Be?



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Mauro Ferrario

Coder Designer

Giacomo Zucco

Consultant & Educator

Matteo Peterlini

Artist, Creative Director

Alessio Salvetti


Marco Amadori

Tech Researcher



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